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Driving To Yellowstone?

Driving to Yellowstone


      Directions Using I-90         Directions Using I-80  

   Directions Using I-15       Directions Using I-25              Driving in the Park

Driving Distances Through Yellowstone     Beartooth Highway  

     Where Is Yellowstone?                                                                                                 

Where is Yellowstone National Park

     Yellowstone National Park is located in the Rocky Mountains of the United States, with the majority of the park located in the northwest corner of the state of Wyoming and a small portion of the park also being in the states of Montana and Idaho.

     There are 4 major Interstates that will bring you within close proximity to Yellowstone.  You can travel towards Yellowstone from any direction and you will find one of these Interstates that will lead you towards the park.  So no matter which direction you are driving from, if you find one of these Interstates, you should be able to use the directions below to guide you on the final stretch to Yellowstone National Park.  Interstate 90 is North of Yellowstone, Interstate 80 is South of Yellowstone,  Interstate 15 is to the West of Yellowstone, and Interstate 25 is to the East.  Although there are other ways to get to Yellowstone via smaller state roads and side roads, the directions below are compiled using main roads and heavier traveled routes.  



      Directions to Yellowstone Using Interstate 90                        

Driving from the West on Interstate 90 to the....

West Entrance/West Yellowstone, Montana  

North Entrance/Gardiner, Montana  

Driving from the East on Interstate 90 to the...

West Entrance/West Yellowstone, Montana 

North Entrance/Gardiner, Montana 

East Entrance/Cody, Wyoming



        Directions to Yellowstone Using Interstate 80                               

Driving from the West on Interstate 80 to the....

South Entrance/Jackson Hole, Wyoming

West Entrance/West Yellowstone, Montana

Driving from the East on Interstate 80 to the....

South Entrance/Jackson Hole, Wyoming



Make sure the entrance you wish to use is open and accessible for the season, especially in the spring and early summer months.  Check our Park Entrances page to see the seasonal dates for each entrance.


     Directions to Yellowstone Using Interstate 15                              

Driving from the South on Interstate 15 to the...

West Entrance/West Yellowstone, Montana

South Entrance/Jackson Hole, Wyoming





     Directions to Yellowstone Using Interstate 25                              

Driving from the South on Interstate 25 to the....

East Entrance/Cody, Wyoming

South Entrance/Jackson, Wyoming






     Driving Distances Around Yellowstone                                                         

West Entrance to Old Faithful:  30 miles

South Entrance to Old Faithful:  39 miles

North Entrance to Old Faithful:  56 miles

East Entrance to Old Faithful:  65 miles

Northeast Entrance to Old Faithful:  90 miles


 Distance from Entrance to Entrance in Miles:

  North South West East Northeast
North  00  95  54  81  52
South  95  00  69  70  107
West  54  69  00  83  88
East  81  70  83  00  91
Northeast  52  107  88  91  00



     Beartooth Highway                                                                                      

Seasonal Dates (subject to change due to conditions and weather):  Open 5/26/17 - 10/10/17

Directions and Location for the Beartooth Highway

Beartooth Highway - US 212     The Beartooth Highway is one of the most scenic sections of highway in America and you can follow it right to the Northeast Entrance of Yellowstone National Park.  The Beartooth Highway is located in Montana, between Red Lodge, Montana and Cooke City, Montana which is a distance of about 63.5 miles.  The winding roads quickly take you up to almost 11,000 feet at the top of the pass.  There are several pullouts along the way for you to stop and take pictures.  The panoramas are breathtaking and are worth the trip.  An educational stop is also available along the way on the Red Lodge Side of the mountains that explains some of the history about creating this unthinkable road which climbs up the Beartooth Mountains.  The "driving" season for the Beartooth Highway is relatively short.  Ten to twenty feet of snow or more will cover the pass in the winter months which comes very early at that elevation.  In the spring, it takes crews quite a while to clear the roads to visitors for the summer season.    Whether you decide to drive over the Beartooth Pass on your way into Yellowstone, or as you are leaving the park, this scenic drive will surely impress you.




      Driving Through Yellowstone:  What to Expect                                            

Traffic jam in Yellowstone National Park

Speed Limits: Yellowstone's roadways will get you from one exciting feature to the next, and doing it safely is important. The maximum speed limit on all park roads is 45mph and sometimes lower where posted.

Driving through the park: Bison, elk, and other large and small animals are often crossing the roads, or in some cases, just standing on the road throughout the park. Drive even more cautiously at dawn and dusk when visibility is limited and animals are more active. During peak visitation around July and August, the roads are filled with vehicles. To help keep traffic moving smoothly, please use one of the many roadside pullouts when stopping to see wildlife or other features. Stopping in the middle of the road is illegal, dangerous, and disruptive to the flow of traffic.

Road Construction: Occasionally, road construction projects will be under way in the park to improve Yellowstone's roads, and summer time provides a narrow window for road crews to get the job done. In the section(s) of the park where road improvements are being done, expect possible delays. Check back frequently on the 'What To Know Before You Get Here' page to get updated information on road improvements throughout the park to help better prepare you for your vacation.

Road openings and closings: In the early spring when the park roads and entrances begin to open, it is not uncommon for some entrances and roads to close suddenly due to avalanches on the road or even additional snowfall creating hazardous conditions. As spring and summer gain a tighter grip and the snow melts, the entrances and roads rarely close suddenly and you should be able to enter the park with ease. 

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