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Campgrounds in this region

Indian Creek Campground (First-come, first-served)

Open 6/9/17 - 9/11/17

Camping in Yellowstone
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Indian Creek campground is far enough away from any buildings to give you that "in the middle of nowhere" feeling, but still close enough to a general store, dining room, and gas station that you would be able to drive there in about 15 minutes. This area of the park is full of lush vegetation in the summer and many campsites here have trees that can provide some cool shade on hot summer days. Fishing or taking a swim in one of the rivers or creeks that flow past the campground is one way to occupy your mornings and evenings at the campground when you aren't out and about in the rest of the park. For those that wish to get even farther into the backcountry, there are several popular hiking trails such as Bunsen Peak, Glenn Creek, Bighorn Pass, Mt. Holmes, and Grizzly Lake within close proximity to Indian Creek campground. The trailhead for the Bighorn Pass trail actually begins in the campground between sites 20 and 21.

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