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Apolinaris Picnic Area

* 6 Tables
* Bathroom Available

Rock bench at Apolinaris Spring
Rock bench at Apolinaris Spring Yellowstone Orientation Map    

This picnic area is comprised of 6 tables and a bathroom and sits in a mostly shaded wooded area. Across the road you will find the namesake for the picnic area. Apolinaris Spring was once a popular stopping point for thirsty travelers as they made their way through the park. Back in the late 1800s, tourists would stop at the spring and drink the fresh water before continuing on their journey. A stone structured patio with benches that was constructed decades ago still exists and provides a nice resting spot. Although they used to wet their whistles here in the early days, a sign next to the spring states that the water may not be suitable to drink due to bacteria and conamination through animals, information which was not considered in the late 1800s. Apolinaris Picnic Area sets on lower ground and may be closed into the late spring due to flooding from heavy snow melt.

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