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Scenic Drives

Blacktail Plateau Drive

Allow approx. 20-30 minutes to about it below.
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Vehicle on Blacktail Plateau Drive
Vehicle on Blacktail Plateau Drive Black Bear Blacktail Plateau Drive Yellowstone Orientation Map

This is a 6 mile one-way dirt road that takes you back into the woods and meadows of Blacktail Deer Plateau. Retreat from the paved road and experience the solitude of the Yellowstone wilderness. Driving on this road is slower going than taking the main road, slowing down the pace which will make it easier to spot wildlife and enjoy the views. Watch for the elk, bison, and bears that frequent the area. After many curves and bends, this road will begin to descend as you get closer to Tower Junction where it meets back up with the Grand Loop Road near Petrified Tree. RVs, buses, and trailers are not permitted on this road.

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