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Scenic Drives

Old Gardiner Road

Allow approx. 10-15 minutes for this activity if you are driving.
The time it will take to bike the road will depend on your level of ability.

Old Gardiner Road
Old Gardiner Road Orientation Map    

The Old Gardiner Road is an old 5 mile gravel road that was orignally used as the main means of travel from Gardiner, MT to Mammoth Village in the early days of the park. Now that we have the paved North Entrance Road as our main travel way, the Old Gardiner Road is used as a scenic byway for visitors in their vehicles. Biking is also welcome on the Old Gardiner Road. Although it is one-way traffic for vehicles, bicycles are allowed to travel both ways on the road. It is a fun ride down the hill going from Mammoth Village to Gardiner but the climb back up is much more challenging. The beginning of the Old Gardiner Road is located behind the Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel and the road ends at the ranger station at the North Entrance. Look out for the pronghorn, elk, and occasional bear that are common around this area.

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