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Obsidian Cliff

Allow approx. 10-15 min. for this about it below.

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Obsidian Cliff
Obsidian Cliff Orientation Map    

Towering above the Grand Loop Road, Obsidian Cliff is a natural historic landmark and so is the small pavillion that contains information about the cliff's geological creation. The small pavillion that shelters the informational display about Obsidian Cliff is one of the oldest in the park, constructed in the 1930s. A small sign on the side of the road that reads "Exhibit Ahead" will direct you to the pullout with this pavaillion, across the street from Obsidian Cliff. The obsidian rock, also called volcanic glass, will shine and shimmer as it reflects the summer sun. Obsidian played a big part in Native American culture in the park and was used to make arrowheads and weapons, and was often traded being found as far east as Ohio. Climbing on the cliff and taking pieces of rock from it is illegal and prohibited.

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