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Mammoth Hot Springs

Allow approx.
1 hour for this activity

Mammoth Hot Springs
Mammoth Hot Springs Mammoth Hot Springs Mammoth Hot Springs Orientation Map

The Mammoth Hot Spring Terraces in the northern part of Yellowstone are constantly changing, so what you are seeing on your vacation today might not be what others saw last year, month, or even last week. Heat and water are hard at work building the travertine terraces up to 2 feet per year. The boardwalk will bring you up close and personal with popular thermal features that are currently active as well as the eroding terraces of the past. Keep your eyes open because in the summer months you might see an elk or two hanging out on the travertine. Whether you walk the entire boardwalk or just a section of it, be sure to stop and see these amazing features that have been around since the last ice age. Pick up a Mammoth Hot Springs Trail Guide at any visitor center so you can read about all the different features around the boardwalk.

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