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Bunsen Peak Road

The time it will take to do this activity will depend on the level of your ability.

Bunsen Peak Road
Bunsen Peak Road Yellowstone Orientation Map    

At the base of Bunsen Peak, this two-track dirt road starts off relatively flat for about 2 miles as it takes you around the southern part of the mountain. After 2 miles, the trail begins to travel downhill for another 3 miles as it wraps back around towards the eastern, then northern side of Bunsen Peak where it descends all the way back to the main road. To get back to the trailhead where you started from, you can either ride back up the trail the same way you came, or ride up the main road about 4 miles back to the trailhead (both routes back to the trailhead will be mostly up hill with some steep sections). To avoid the difficult up hill sections, you can do a shorter ride beginning at the trailhead and riding 2 miles out to the Osprey Falls trail Junction and back for a relatively flat 4 mile round-trip.

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