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Natural Wonders

Geyser Basins & Thermal Features

Mammoth Hot Springs
The Mammoth Hot Spring Terraces in the northern part of Yellowstone are constantly changing, so what you are seeing on your vacation today might not be what others saw last year, month, or even last week. Heat and water are hard at work building the travertine terraces up to 2 feet per year. The boardwalk will bring you up close and personal with...View More


Rustic Falls
Rustic Falls is a 47 foot high plunge of Glen Creek just south of Mammoth Village. This fanning waterfall plummets into a ravine between reddish yellow rock walls just off to the side of the road...View More

Undine Falls
Out of the hundreds of waterfalls in Yellowstone, only a handful of them can be seen from the road. Undine Falls is a section of Lava Creek that pours 60 feet over the edge of tough basaltic rock...View More

Scenic Drives

Upper Terrace Drive
This popular 3/4 mile drive at the top of the Mammoth Terraces will take you back into the woods where you can see some impressive thermal features that are not visible from the main road. The beginning of the drive has a parking lot with access to the lower terrace boardwalk and offers an amazing view of...View More

Blacktail Plateau Drive
This is a 6 mile one-way dirt road that takes you back into the woods and meadows of Blacktail Deer Plateau. Retreat from the paved road and experience the solitude of the Yellowstone wilderness...View More

Old Gardiner Road
The Old Gardiner Road is an old 5 mile gravel road that was orignally used as the main means of travel from Gardiner, MT to Mammoth Village in the early days of the park. Now that we have the paved North Entrance Road as our main travel way, the Old Gardiner Road is used as a scenic byway for visitors...View More

Roadside Wonders

Forces of the Northern Range Self-Guiding Trail
This short 1/2 mile boardwalk located on the Blacktail Deer Plateau between Mammoth Village and Tower Junction will open your eyes and educate you about forces of nature that have sculpted the land before you. It will also teach you about the plants and wildlife alike that live in Yellowstone's Northern Range...View More

Enjoy a short drive through the Yellowstone Hoodoos. These massive boulders and columns of rock are pieces of Terrace Mountain that have fallen off over the years from hundreds of feet above...View More

Obsidian Cliff
Towering above the Grand Loop Road, Obsidian Cliff is a natural historic landmark and so is the small pavillion that contains information about the cliff's geological creation. The small pavillion that shelters the informational display about Obsidian Cliff is one of the oldest in the park, constructed in the 1930s...View More

Historic Fort Yellowstone Self-Guiding Trail
When the park was first being established and protected, the army set up shop in the area that is now Mammoth Village. Before the National Park Service was created, military personnel were sent to Yellowstone to protect it from vandalism, thieves, and poachers. Mammoth served as the ideal spot to...View More

Roosevelt Arch
The Roosevelt Arch has always been a symbolic gateway into Yellowstone National Park. This iconic symbol of Yellowstone's history was dedicated by President Theodore Roosevelt. An inscription at the top of the arch reads "For the benefit and enjoyment of the people" which helps us remember why Yellowstone was set aside...View More

45th Parallel
A large pullout about half way up the North Entrance road is a good place to stop for a picture at the 45th Parallel sign. The 45th Parallel marks the half way point between the North Pole and the Equator...View More

Boiling River Swimming Area
The boiling river is a small thermal river that flows into the Gardner River where visitors can soak and relax in a natural hot tub. A trail will lead you on an easy half mile walk along the Gardner River to a spot where you can access the soaking area...View More

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