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  • Tower Fall

    Keep your video cameras ready because black bears are frequently spotted along side the road in this region between the Petrified Tree and Tower Fall.
  • Roosevelt General Store

    Yellowstone General Stores have a total of 12 stores conveniently located around the park in all major areas. Most of the general stores are in historical park buildings with rich history of their own.
  • Lamar Valley

    The Lamar River flows freely accompanied by impressive mountain peaks in the distance. Large herds of bison and elk roam here and coyotes, pronghorn, bighorn sheep, bears, and wolves are often spotted as well.
  • Roosevelt Cookout

    If you like good food, good music, and good times, then the Old West Dinner Cookout is something you won't want to miss.
  • Calcite Springs Overlook

    An 800 ft. path will take you along the edge of a deep canyon where the Yellowstone River flows swiftly hundreds of feet below you.


   Current Weather & Forecasts for the Tower Region

     Here is the home where the buffalo roam and the deer and the pronghorn, and elk, and moose, and bears, and wolves play. Up in the Northeast corner of Yellowstone, the Tower/Roosevelt Region has amazing mountainscapes and valleys teeming with large herds of bison and elk.  Lamar Valley is famous for its wildlife diversity and wolf activity where people enjoy using their binoculars and spotting scopes to witness one of Yellowstone's most majestic creatures.

     The Roosevelt Lodge Cabins at Tower Junction provide a comfortable place to stay while Tower, Slough Creek and Pebble Creek Campgrounds are perfect for those visitors who want a more rustic experience. Other services include a dining room, General Store, and a Ranger Station at Tower Junction. There is also a general store about 2 miles down the road towards Canyon Village. Keep your video cameras ready because black bears are frequently spotted along side the road in this region between the Petrified Tree and Tower Fall.

     What you will find in this region                                                         

Points of Interest:

Pebble Creek Trail Yellowstone

Tower Fall, Petrified Tree, Lamar Valley, Roosevelt Horse Corral,

Roosevelt Western CookoutCalcite Springs Overlook

Soda Butte    



Roosevelt Lodge Cabins



Tower Fall Campground, Slough Creek Campground, Pebble Creek Campground



Roosevelt Dining Room

 Roosevelt General Store

 Picnic Areas:

Yellowstone Picnic Area



Gas Station, Roosevelt General Store, Tower Fall General Store  


Nearest Town:

Cooke City, Montana - located 4 miles outside of the Northeast Entrance (lodging and restaurants are available in Cooke City, Montana).









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