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Roadside Wonders

Roadside Wonders


Petrified Tree
Trying to fathom that something can be tens of millions of years old is hard to do. Well, that is how old the Petrified Tree is. This now solid rock was once a giant redwood tree surrounded by a forest of trees just like it. During violent volcanic eruptions millions of years ago, mudflows and volcanic deposits rapidly...View More

Lamar Valley
Referred to as America's Serengeti, Lamar Valley is teeming with wildlife in the summer months. This valley is a beatuiful expanse of open space where the Lamar River flows freely and is accompanied by impressive mountain peaks in the distance. Large herds of bison and elk roam here...View More

Calcite Springs Overlook
Yellowstone National Park is known for some of the amazing views that it offers. Calcite Springs Overlook is one of those views. An 800 ft. path will take you along the edge of a deep canyon where the Yellowstone River flows swiftly hundreds of feet below you. Mountain backdrops, unique cliff formations, and...View More

Soda Butte
Lamar Valley is not known for its thermal activity. That is why this mostly extinct hot spring looks so out of place standing all by itself with vast valleys and rugged mountain peaks in the background, and sometimes surrounded by bison. The smell of thermal gas is a sign that there is still...View More

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