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  • Norris Geyser Basin

    Boardwalks lead you across eerie landscapes of hot water and steam. Steamboat, the largest active geyser in the world resides here, and can shoot water over 300 ft. into the air.
  • Roaring Mountain

    This hissing mountain of steam is the only thing like it in the park. It got its name from the loud hissing and roaring that it makes and could be heard miles away in the days of its discovery.
  • Artist's Paint Pots

    The Artist's Paint Pots trail is so full of vibrant colors, comparable only to an artist's palette, it will be easy to see how they got their name.
  • Virginia Cascade

    Here, the Gibbon River turns into a 60-foot cascade of whitewater known as Virginia Cascade. The gently sloped Virginia Cascade will remind you of a natural waterslide as you admire its beauty.
  • Norris Campground

    Here the Gibbon River flows peacefully through an open expanse of grassy meadows and is inviting to fishermen as well as campers who want to take a cool dip.


Current Weather & Forecasts for the Norris Region

     Like the Old Faithful Region, the Norris Region of the park is full of dynamic thermal activity and home to Steamboat Geyser, the largest active geyser in the world. The Norris Geyser Basin BoardwalksRoaring MountainBeryl Spring, and theArtist's Paint Pots can all be found in this part of Yellowstone.  Norris Campground is the only place to stay in this region with the closest lodging accommodations being about 12 miles to the east in Canyon Village.

     Although there aren't any restaurants in this small region, there are five scenic picnic areas that make a great place to stop and have lunch while spending the day admiring the thermal areas, fishing on the Gibbon River, and watching the wildlife. Since there aren't any lodging facilities here, most visitors take time to see the wonderful features in this region on their way to or from other locations in the park.



     What you will find in this region                                                                   

Points of Interest:

Roaring Mountain, Artist's Paint Pots, Norris Geyser Basin, Beryl Spring, Virginia Cascade, Virginia Cascade Drive,

Norris Museum & Information Station, Museum of the National Park Ranger   

 Norris Campground


Norris Campground   


Picnic Areas:

Beaver Lake Picnic Area, Norris Picnic Area, Virginia Cascade Picnic Area,

Gibbon Meadows Picnic Area    


Nearest Town:

Gardiner, Montana - 26 miles away just outside of the North Entrance (lodging, restaurants, groceries, and activities are available in Gardiner, Montana).

West Yellowstone, Montana - 28 miles away just outside of the West Entrance (lodging, restaurants, groceries, and activities are available in West Yellowstone, Montana).


Lodging:  There is no lodging available in the Norris Region. 

Restaurants:  There are no restaurants available in the Norris Region.

Services:  There are no services available in the Norris Region.



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