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Where to Eat

Where To Eat

Beaver Lake Picnic Area
The Beaver Lake Picnic Area rests in the shade of the woods around it with 8 picnic tables to choose from and a bathroom for your convenience. Towards the back of the picnic area just through the trees there is...View More

Norris Picnic Area
The Norris Picnic Area is less than half a mile away from the Norris Geyser Basin, making it an ideal location to enjoy a picnic before or after walking the geyser basin. The picnic area is situated amongst the trees on the edge of...View More

Virginia Cascade Picnic Area
Located on Virginia Cascade Drive, this small but cozy picnic area will provide somewhat of an "out there" atmosphere. There are big trees around to provide a nice shady place to eat while overlooking a wide open meadow...View More

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