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Roaring Mountain

Allow approx.
5-10 minutes for this activity

Roaring Mountain
Roaring Mountain Roaring Mountain Roaring Mountain Orientation Map

This hissing mountain of steam is the only thing like it in the park. Roaring Mountain is a barren hillside of thermal features called fumaroles. It got its name from the loud hissing and roaring that it makes due to thermal activity and could be heard miles away in the days of its discovery. Nowadays the roaring has quieted a bit but can still be heard if you listen carefully. There are no trees on the most active parts of Roaring Mountain due to the intense heat and gases that emminate through its vents. Its slopes are inhospitable to all but the toughest microorgansims. Stop by and see Roaring Mountain on your drive between Mammoth and Norris. There are places to park right off the road directly across from Roaring Mountain.

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