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Scenic Drives

Firehole Canyon Drive

Allow approx. 10-15 minutes for this about it below
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Firehole Canyon Drive
Firehole Canyon Drive Firehole Falls Firehole Canyon Drive Yellowstone Orientation Map

The Firehole Canyon Drive is a hidden gem amongst the pine trees. This 2 mile one-way drive will take you through the beautiful canyon where the Firehole River flows, past Firehole Falls, and up to a swimming area the whole family can enjoy. Firehole Falls is a 40 foot waterfall carving its way into the hard rhyolitic rock that the canyon is made of. There is a small parking area available near the falls. Further down the drive there is the Firehole River swimming area within the canyon. Parking is available along the road and sets of stairs will lead you down to the swimming hole. This is a great place to have fun and cool off on a warm summer day. A very calm section of the Firehole River is the designated swimming area. A little farther upstream there are some smaller white water sections that people can jump into from the river banks and float down towards the calmer swimming area. The swimming area is fun for everyone but be safe and swim at your own risk, there is not a lifeguard on duty. Climbing on and jumping from the cliffs is illegal, unsafe and strictly prohibited. The swimming area may be closed well into the spring due to high, fast moving water. Inquire at any visitor center about whether the swimming area is open or closed.

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