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Geyser Basins & Thermal Features

Biscuit Basin Self-Guiding Trail

Allow approx. 20-30 min. for this activity...read about it below
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Biscuit Basin Boardwalk
Biscuit Basin Boardwalk Beginning of Biscuit Basin Boardwalk Sapphire Pool - Biscuit Basin Yellowstone Orientation Map

Biscuit Basin is only a few miles north of Old Faithful Village on the Grand Loop Road. A 1/4 mile boardwalk will guide you through Biscuit Basin which got its name from the biscuit-like deposits that once surrounded the bright blue water of Sapphire Pool. In 1959, Sapphire Pool began erupting violently as a result of the Hebgan Lake earthquake which measured a magnitude 7.5 on the Richter Scale over 20 miles away to the northwest. Sapphire's violent erruptions destroyed most of these biscuit-like features that it was known for. Although the "biscuits" are not as prominent as they were in the past, this amazingly blue pool is still worth a visit, as are the other thermal features in Biscuit Basin. Pick up an Old Faithful Area Trail Guide at any visitor center so you can read about all the different features and stops around Biscuit Basin. Across the road from Biscuit Geyser Basin is another grouping of thermal features including Artemisia Geyser. If you continue walking through this collection of thermal features, the trail will continue on for about a mile, leading you into the Upper Geyser Basin in the Old Faithful Area. Along the trail you will see some hidden thermal features that can't be seen from the road, as well as stunning views of the landscape that surrounds you.

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