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LeHardy Picnic Area (No Fishing)

* 2 Tables
* No Bathroom Available
* No Fire Grates

LeHardy Picnic Area
LeHardy Picnic Area Yellowstone River at LeHardy Picnic Area Orientation Map  

This small picnic area offers 2 tables to choose from right along side an awesome section of the Yellowstone River known as LeHardy's Rapids. The picnic area sits in a nicely shaded area surrounded by excellent shade trees. This is a popular place for visitors to stop and eat or just simply hang out next to the water. If the tables are taken up then you might consider setting up your picnic elsewhere amongst the trees next to the river for a more intimate picnic with the outdoors. To get to LeHardy's Rapids from the picnic area, follow the short trail that hugs the banks of the river less than 1/4 mile to the wooden boardwalk that gets you close to the rapids. Fishing is not allowed along this portion of the river but during the Cutthroat Trout spawning season in late June and July you will likely see these native fish swimming in the shallows or jumping out of the water to conquer the rapids upstream.

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