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Snake River Picnic Area

* 12 Tables
* Bathroom Available
* Fire Grates

Yellowstone Orientation Map  

This is the southern most picnic area in the park. It is located at the South Entrance of the park just up from the banks of the mighty Snake River. The picnic area itself is fairly exposed and there aren't many trees around to provide shade. Few trees does have its advantages however. The unobstructed views that the lack of trees provides allows you to gaze out over the Snake River as you enjoy your picnic. Being the southern most picnic area in the park, it is also likely that you will not have much of a crowd in the picnic area with you. Another great thing about the location of the Snake River Picnic Area is that it is also the closest picnic area to Grand Teton National Park, making it a convenient place to stop for lunch if you happen to be traveling to or from the Tetons.

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