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Gull Point Picnic Area

* 20 Tables
* Bathroom Available
* No Fire Grates

Gull Point Picnic Area
Gull Point Picnic Area Orientation Map    

If you want a picnic area that makes you feel like you're miles away from the road, then the Gull Point Picnic Area will do just that. Located along the Gull Point Drive just south of the Bridge Bay Area, this wooded picnic area hovers above the shores of Yellowstone Lake where easy paths can be followed down to the water. In late summer when the Yellowstone Lake's water has receded from the snow melt, a sand bar is accessible and you can follow it out onto the lake. An amazing view of the Lake Yellowstone Hotel can be seen from this picnic area as well. Seeing the hotel from this distance where you can see the entire thing really puts into perspective how big the hotel is.

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