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Yellowstone Lake

Yellowstone Lake
Yellowstone Lake Yellowstone Lake Yellowstone Lake Orientation Map

Yellowstone Lake is the largest alpine lake in North America which means Yellowstone Lake is the biggest lake above 7,000 feet on the continent. With shoreline geyser basins, under water thermal features, and 141 miles of shoreline, this lake is truely one of a kind. Sections of the East Entrance Road and the road from Fishing Bridge Junction to West Thumb Junction offer amazing views of the lake and surrounding mountain ranges. West Thumb Geyser Basin is an amazing collection of colorful thermal features right on the shores of Yellowstone Lake and is also home to Fishing Cone Geyser. Other activities on the lake include Scenicruises on the Lake Queen 2, boat rentals, and fishing for the plentiful lake trout and native cutthroat trout. Whether you plan on spending a day in the Yellowstone Lake Region or just drive through, it will be easy to see why this is one of the major attractions in the park.

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