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Natural Wonders

Geyser Basins & Thermal Features

West Thumb Geyser Basin Self-Guiding Trail
This is one of the most picturesque geyser basins in the park. With Yellowstone Lake as its backdrop, West Thumb Geyser Basin is full of colorful thermal features. This is also where the famous Fishing Cone Geyser is. Fishing Cone Geyser was once a popular spot where early travelers would fish in the lake and promptly turn around and cook their catch...View More


Moose Falls
Moose Falls is the first waterfall you will see when coming into the park from the South Entrance. Just a couple of miles from the entrance there will be a sign for Moose Falls and...View More

Scenic Drives

Gull Point Drive
This is a 2 mile two-way road that spurs off of the Grand Loop Road. On this drive there is a large picnic area amongst the shade trees with views overlooking Yellowstone Lake and the Lake Yellowstone Hotel...View More

Roadside Wonders

LeHardy's Rapids
LeHardy's Rapids is a part of the Yellowstone River where the river bed drops a little bit, throwing the water against large rocks creating turbulent white water. This is also considered to be the geological boundary of Yellowstone Lake. There are two pullouts from which you can access the rapids, both will get you to the rapids via a short trail or...View More

Yellowstone Lake
Yellowstone Lake is the largest alpine lake in North America which means Yellowstone Lake is the biggest lake above 7,000 feet on the continent. With shoreline geyser basins, under water thermal features, and 141 miles of shorline, this lake is truely one of a kind...View More

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