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Canyon Visitor Education Center

Canyon Visitor Education Center
Canyon Visitor Education Center Topographical Map Display Yellowstone Orientation Map  

At the Canyon Visitor Education Center, you will find several attention-grabbing displays about super volcanoes, and learn about the volcanic history of Yellowstone's past. Read and watch videos about some of the most notorious volcanic eruptions around the world and how they compare in size and destruction to Yellowstone's earth changing blasts. Amongst all the other displays, is a large topographical map of Yellowstone where visitors can get a better look at the peaks and valleys in and around Yellowstone's massive caldera. Rangers at the information desk inside the Visitor Center are eager to help answer any questions you may have about Yellowstone or the Canyon Region of the park. A small auditorium located within the Visitor Center shows Yellowstone videos regularly throughout the day to give visitors a nice relaxing break while inspiring their next move into the park.

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