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Lower Falls of the Yellowstone River

Lower Falls
Lower Falls People at the Brink of the Lower Falls Photo by Ethan Confer Orientation Map

The Lower Falls of the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone is one of the biggest attractions in Yellowstone National Park. After the Yellowstone River plummets over the Upper Falls, it flows for only about a half a mile before taking the 308 ft. plunge over the Lower Falls. There are many viewpoints and photo opportunities of the Lower Falls from the North and South Rim Drives located just south of Canyon Village on the Canyon/Lake Road. Artist Point is at the end of a very short paved trail at the end of the South Rim Drive and offers a spectacular head on view of the Lower Falls with the towering yellow canyon walls on either side and the Yellowstone River flowing hundreds of feet below at the bottom of the canyon. From the North Rim Drive you can access the Brink of the Lower Falls trail. This paved switchback trail takes you down to the brink of the Lower Falls, a spot that will take your breath away, putting into perspective just how massive and awesome this natural wonder really is. The hike back up the trail is somewhat strenuous, with benches along the way to sit and rest for a moment on your way back up to the parking lot. The North Rim Drive also offers much easier viewpoints of the Lower Falls that require only a short walk from your car.

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