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South Rim Drive

View from Uncle Tom
View from Uncle Tom Upper Falls Artist Orientation Map

This short drive in the Canyon Area on the south rim of the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone offers spots where you can see both the Upper and Lower Falls. The Upper Falls can be seen from a viewpoint only a few hundred feet from the first parking lot on the South Rim Drive. From this same parking lot, there is a paved trail that heads off into the woods and down to Uncle Tom's Trail. Posted signs will point you in the right direction. Uncle Tom's Trail: Uncle Tom's trail is a steep descent on steel stairs into the canyon coming to an end at a platform that puts you right in front of the Lower Falls, offering one of the most impressive views of the falls and the canyon. The climb up from the bottom of Uncle Tom's trail is fairly strenuous but definitely worth the view. Artist Point: Artist Point is at the end of the South Rim drive. A very short paved trail that leads from the parking lot will direct you towards Artist Point. This is a very popular spot for visitors to view the Lower Falls in the distance with the yellowed canyon walls on either side of you and the Yellowstone River flowing rapidly about 1,000 feet down below. Wapiti Lake Trail and Picnic Area: The trailhead for the Wapiti Lake trail is also located on the right hand side at the beginning of the South Rim drive with a small parking lot and picnic area.

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