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Chittenden Road up Mt. Washburn

Parking area at the top of the Chittenden Road
Parking area at the top of the Chittenden Road View from parking area Yellowstone Orientation Map  

This road spurs off of Dunraven Pass, the highest road in the park, and takes you even higher to a point where the views are priceless. The Chittenden Road is a two-way dirt road about a mile and a half long. There is a big parking area where the road stops, at which point you can continue the journey to the peak of Mt. Washburn on foot via a 2.8 mile (5.6 round trip) hiking trail. A fire lookout tower that is still used today is situated atop the summit. Visitors are welcomed to enter inside the first floor of the lookout tower where there are informational displays set up and a viewing scope that allows you to zoom in on the land far below. Whether you go all the way to the summit or simply park at the parking area to take in the view, the trip up will be worth it.

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