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Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone

Artist Point (South Rim Drive)
Artist Point (South Rim Drive) Lookout Point (North Rim Drive) Yellowstone River Orientation Map

Serving as the main attraction of the area, the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone will impress anyone who sets eyes on it. Witness two awe-inspiring waterfalls within a half mile of one another flowing relentlessly through the yellowed canyon walls. The North and South Rim Drives will bring you right to the canyon's edge where you can peer several hundred feet down at the Yellowstone River in the bottom of the canyon. These two roads are the only way the canyon is accessible by vehicle. There are also a number of short trails accessible from the North and South Rim Drives that will take you down into the canyon, each with a different view of the falls. The Upper falls is 109 ft. and the Lower Falls plummets 308 feet. The Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone is about twenty miles long and over 4,000 feet wide in some spots. Although the two waterfalls are less than a half mile apart, there is no vantage point from the ground where you can see both at the same time.

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