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Natural Wonders

Geyser Basins & Thermal Features

Mud Volcano Self-Guiding Trail
The Mud Volcano area offers some of the most unique thermal features in Yellowstone, like bubbling mud pots and lakes of acid. The Mud Volcano Trail leads you by eerie and mysterious looking thermal features that have names to match, like Dragon's Mouth Spring, Churning Caldron...View More

Sulpher Caldron
There is a small parking area on the east side of the road where you can park and walk up the sidewalk to view Sulphur Caldron and other...View More


Lower Falls of the Yellowstone River
The Lower Falls of the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone is one of the biggest attractions in Yellowstone National Park. After the Yellowstone River plummets over the Upper Falls, it flows for only about a half a mile before taking the 308 ft. plunge...View More

Brink of the Upper Falls
There is a short road located between the North and South Rim Drives that takes you to a parking lot where you can get out of the car and walk a short distance to the brink of the 109 foot Upper Falls...View More

Upper Falls of the Yellowstone River
The Upper Falls of the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone is visible from the South Rim Drive just south of Canyon Village. The flowing water of the Yellowstone River pours 109 ft. over the brink of the Upper Falls before making a 90 degree turn towards the Lower Falls just downstream...View More

Scenic Drives

North Rim Drive
The North Rim Drive is a short one-way drive along the north rim of the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone. The North Rim Drive begins just south of Canyon Village on the Canyon/Lake road...View More

South Rim Drive
This short drive in the Canyon Area on the south rim of the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone offers spots where you can see both the Upper and Lower Falls. The Upper Falls can be seen from a viewpoint...View More

Chittenden Road up Mt. Washburn
This road spurs off of Dunraven Pass, the highest road in the park, and takes you even higher to a point where the views are priceless. The Chittenden Road is a two-way dirt road about a mile and a half long. There is a big parking area where the road stops, at which point you can continue the journey to the peak of Mt. Washburn...View More

Roadside Wonders

Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone
Serving as the main attraction of the area, the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone will impress anyone who sets eyes on it. Witness two awe-inspiring waterfalls within a half mile of one another flowing relentlessly through the yellowed canyon walls. The North and South Rim Drives will bring you right to the canyon's edge...View More

Hayden Valley
The Grand Loop Road takes you through five miles of Hayden Valley, a wildlife viewing hot spot in Yellowstone, where sagebrush dominates the hillsides and large herds of bison roam wild across its expanse. Hayden Valley is another favorite spot for wolf watchers to set up their spotting scopes in hopes to catch these amazing predators in action. Grizzly bears, coyotes and elk...View More

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