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Historic Fort Yellowstone Self-Guiding Trail

Allow approx.
30-40 minutes for this activity

Historic Ft. Yellowstone
Historic Ft. Yellowstone Historic Ft. Yellowstone Historic Ft. Yellowstone Orientation Map

When the park was first being established and protected, the army set up shop in the area that is now Mammoth Village. Before the National Park Service was created, military personnel were sent to Yellowstone to protect it from vandalism, thieves, and poachers. Mammoth served as the ideal spot to establish headquarters because its lower elevation brought milder winters compared to the park's interior. The red-roofed buildings that you will see, in the past, served as officer and troop quarters, horse stables, and other neccessary functions. Today, the buildings are well preserved, maintained, and still used by the Park Service as administrative buildings, the Albright Visitor Center, and housing for Park Service employees. Beginning at the Albright Visitor center, the self-guiding trail will walk you past these historic structures with interpretive displays along the way explaining the history of the area.

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