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     Yellowstone Entrances                                                                           

 Quick Tip:   Temporary road closures caused by bad weather and hazardous driving conditions are more likely in the months of April, May, and October when the seasonal changes are more drastic.  Call (307) 344-7381 for current driving conditions and an up-to-date road report.


North Entrance:  Open

Open to wheeled vehicles year round.

West Entrance:  Open

Open: 4/21/17 - 11/6/17

South Entrance:  Open

Open: 5/12/17 - 11/6/17

Northeast Entrance:  Open

The Northeast Entrance is currently only accessible by driving through the park via the North Entrance.  The Beartooth Highway is open 5/26/17 - 10/10/17 

East Entrance:  Open

Open: 5/5/17 - 11/6/17



     Choosing Which Yellowstone Entrance You Should Use                     

There are just a couple of things to consider when choosing which Yellowstone entrance you want to use:

1.  Which direction are you traveling from?   There are entrances located on all sides of Yellowstone (North, South, East, West, and Northeast entrances), making it convenient for you to enter the park from any direction without adding on hours of driving time.  Sometimes, more than one entrance might be an option for you.  For example: if you are coming from somewhere that is southwest of the park like Los Angeles, you could come through the South Entrance or West Entrance.  As long as you enter the park through the entrance that faces the direction you are coming from, you should be able to minimize your drive time.  Just remember that going for an entrance that does not face the direction you are coming from could add hours to your driving time.

2.  Is the entrance that you want to use open for the season?  The North Entrance remains open all year, while the other four entrances open and close seasonally.  If the closest entrance to you is closed, then it could add at least a couple of hours to your driving time to get to the next closest open entrance.  Check back with us frequently to make sure you know the status of the entrance you want to use.

3.  Google Maps can sometimes be misleading.  Remember that when you are using Google Maps or some other electronic navigatinal tool, it will try to show you the quickest route into Yellowstone, regardless of whether the entrance is open or not.  It has happened before to visitors trying to visit the park during the slower parts of the seasons.  They follow the directions on their GPS which ends up leading them to a closed entrance.  They then have to drive hours out of the way to another entrance which is open.  Some simple planning can help you avoid following in these visitors' footsteps.  Call (307) 344-7381 for in-park road updates & up-to-date statuses of the entrance stations.


     Gateway Towns Near Yellowstone Entrances                                       








   Before arriving at one of Yellowstone's entrances, you will pass through (or stop in) one of the excellent Gateway Towns on the way. The term "Gateway Town" refers to the small towns that are located outside of the park's five entrances. They are the last towns that you will pass through before entering the park at one of Yellowstone's entrance gates, hence the term "Gateway" Town.

     Millions of visitors each year pass through these towns on their way to Yellowstone, and a great number of them stop at these mountain oasis' to enjoy local cuisine, shopping, and activities. It is these towns where many outfitters, guides, ziplining, and whitewater rafting companies are located as well. A variety of lodging accommodations are available in the Gateway Towns and are great places to stay during Your Yellowstone Vacation, and you are sure to find a lodging accommodation that meets your style and budget approval.

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