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  • Roosevelt Arch

    The Roosevelt Arch has always been a symbolic gateway into Yellowstone National Park. President Theodore Roosevelt himself dedicated this iconic symbol of Yellowstone's history.
  • Mammoth Hot Springs

    Heat and water are hard at work building the travertine terraces up to 2 feet per year. The boardwalk will bring you up close and personal with thermal features that are currently.
  • Mammoth Dining Room

    Xanterra Parks & Resorts operates eight dining rooms in the park with a variety of mouth-watering options to choose from.
  • Electric Peak

  • Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel

    If you like mountainous views and wild elk roaming right in your front yard, then staying at the Mammoth Hot springs Hotel and Cabins is the place for you.



Current Weather & Forecasts for the Mammoth Region

     Mammoth Hot Springs is considered the nerve center of Yellowstone National Park and was the first area to be developed by man in the park in the late 1800s. At an elevation of 6239 feet, Mammoth Village is nestled in a small opening at the north end of the park with peaks and ridges from the Gallatin, Washburn, and Absoroka mountain ranges towering in the background. It is the location of the park headquarters and home to the historic Fort Yellowstone.

     Many of the buildings you will see in Mammoth date back to the early 1900s and were formerly occupied by the military during their mission to help protect Yellowstone in it's early years. Historic buildings aren't the only thing you'll see in the Mammoth Region however. The Mammoth area is also home to numerous herds of elk that frequent the nutritious grazing grounds around the small village, posing for pictures as visitors eagerly capture their memories on camera.

The geological features that this area of the park is famous for are the Mammoth Hot Springs and Terraces. Built up over thousands of years and dating back to the last glacial period, the terraces tower above Mammoth Village displaying their magnificence.

Swan Lake Flat, Boiling RiverUndine Falls, military history, and miles upon miles of hiking trails are just a few of the features that attract visitors to this amazing region in the northern part of the park. Don't delay in adding activities from the Mammoth Hot Springs Region to your itinerary to make for an even more fulfilling and memorable vacation.

     What you will find in this region                                                                

Points of Interest:

Mammoth Hot Springs, Undine Falls, Rustic Falls, Upper Terrace Drive, Old Gardiner Road,

Blacktail Plateau Drive, Forces of the Northern Range Self-Guiding Trail, Boiling River Swimming Area, Hoodoos,

Obsidian CliffHistoric Fort Yellowstone Self-Guiding Trail, Albright Visitor CenterRoosevelt Arch, 45th Parallel    


Lodging (in Mammoth Village)

Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel & Cabins

 Upper Terrace Drive


Mammoth Hot Springs Campground and Indian Creek Campground


Restaurants (in Mammoth Village)

Mammoth Hot Springs Dining Room and Terrace Grill  


Picnic Areas:

Lava Creek Picnic Area, Boiling River Picnic Area, Sheepeater Cliff Picnic Area, Apolinaris Picnic Area  


Services (in Mammoth Village)

Mammoth General Store, Gas Station, Post Office, Clinic


Nearest Town:

Gardiner, Montana - 5 miles from Mammoth Village just outside of the North Entrance (lodging, restaurants, groceries, & activities are available in Gardiner, Montana).




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