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Virginia Cascade Drive

Allow approx.
10-15 minutes for this activity

Virginia Cascade Drive
Virginia Cascade Drive Virginia Cascade Virginia Cascade Picnic Area Orientation Map

Virginia Cascade Drive is a one way 2 1/2 mile road that spurs off of the main road between Norris and Canyon. About half way in you will come upon Virginia Cascade, a 60 foot cascade of the Gibbon River. Most of the road is narrow with steep drop-offs but it does offer areas where you can pull over and get out of your vehicle to take pictures of the waterfall. This is actually a section of the original Grand Loop Road from back in the late 1800s that stagecoaches and smaller vehicles would use to travel between Norris and Canyon before the present road was built. Past the cascade there is a small picnic area with 6 tables and a bathroom that look out over a grassy meadow. RVs, buses and trailers are not permitted on this road.

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