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  • Lake Yellowstone Hotel

    The majestic Lake Hotel sets right on the banks of Yellowstone Lake, overlooking mountains and blue water as far as the eye can see.
  • Boating

  • West Thumb Geyser Basin

    With Yellowstone Lake as its backdrop, West Thumb Geyser Basin is full of colorful thermal features. This is also where the famous Fishing Cone Geyser is.
  • Hiking and Backpacking in the Lake Region

  • LeHardy's Rapids Picnic Area

    This is a part of the Yellowstone River where the river bed drops a little bit, throwing the water against large rocks creating turbulent white water.



Current Weather & Forecasts for the Yellowstone Lake Region

     Yellowstone Lake is the largest high alpine lake in North America with 141 miles of shoreline. While driving through the Yellowstone Lake Region of the park you will be treated to miles of shoreline along the road with great views of this vast body of water. One building in this region holds an impressive title as the oldest operating hotel in the National Park system today.

     The elegant Lake Yellowstone Hotel first opened its doors in 1891 and is still serving thousands of guests every summer over 100 years later. Other places to stay in this region are Grant VillageLake LodgeFishing Bridge RV Park and Bridge Bay Campground. The harsh Yellowstone winters and deep snow keep facilities in this region closed for about 7 months out of the year, and the lake usually remains frozen until early June. Mt. Sheridan and the Red mountains as well as the Absaroka Mountain Range serve as the lake's backdrop and are visible from almost anywhere on the roads in this area.

     The East Entrance road is commonly commented on as being the most scenic drive into the park. This 27 mile long road curves through the mountains at elevations up to 8500 ft. over Sylvan Pass before dropping in elevation and continuing on along the Yellowstone Lake shoreline. Also in this region is the Bridge Bay Marina where you can enjoy a scenic cruise of Yellowstone Lake aboard the Lake Queen II or rent your own boat for a more personal trip out on the lake. Other things to consider adding to your itinerary in the Yellowstone Lake Region are a quiet view-filled lunch at one of the many lakeside picnic areas, and a hike up the Elephant Back Trail to get a birds-eye view of the lake.  Whether you spend just a couple of hours or an entire day in this area of the park, the Yellowstone Lake Region is guaranteed to add value to your vacation.


     What you will find in this region                                                        

Points of Interest:

Bridge Bay Marina, West Thumb Geyser Basin, Moose Falls, Gull Point Drive, LeHardy's Rapids,

Yellowstone Lake, Grant Village Visitor Center, West Thumb Information Station,

Fishing Bridge Visitor Center & Museum 


Lodging (in Lake Village & Grant Village):

Lake Yellowstone Hotel & Cabins, Lake Lodge Cabins, Grant Village Lodges  

 Fishing Cone Yellowstone National Park


Bridge Bay Campground, Fishing Bridge RV Park , Grant Campground  


Restaurants (in Lake Village & Grant Village):

Grant Village Dining Room, Lake House Restaurant, Lake Yellowstone Hotel Dining Room,

Lake Yellowstone Hotel Deli, Lake Lodge Cafeteria 


Picnic Areas:

LeHardy Picnic Area, Nez Perce Ford Picnic Area, Snake River Picnic Area, Bridge Bay Picnic Area,

Gull Point Drive Picnic Area, West Thumb Picnic AreaFishing Bridge Picnic Area, Contrasting Forest Picnic Area


Services (in Lake Village & Grant Village):

Fishing Bridge General Store, Lake Village General Store, Grant Village General Store, Grant Village Mini Store

Bridge Bay Mini Store, Clinic, Post Office, Gas Stations (one at Fishing Bridge and one at Grant Village).     


Nearest Town:

West Yellowstone, Montana - Located 58 miles from Lake Village out of the West Entrance (lodging restaurants, groceries, and activities are available in West Yellowstone, Montana).

Jackson Hole, Wyoming - Located 77 miles from Grant Village out of the South Entrance (lodging, restaurants, groceries, and activities are available in Jackson Hole, Wyoming).

Cody, Wyoming - Located 81 miles from Lake Village out of the East Entrance (lodging, restaurants, groceries, and activities are available in Cody, Wyoming).




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