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Geyser Basins & Thermal Features

West Thumb Geyser Basin Self-Guiding Trail

Allow approx. 45 - 60 min. for this about it below
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West Thumb Geyser Basin
West Thumb Geyser Basin West Thumb Geyser Basin West Thumb Geyser Basin Orientation Map

This is one of the most picturesque geyser basins in the park. With Yellowstone Lake as its backdrop, West Thumb Geyser Basin is full of colorful thermal features. This is also where the famous Fishing Cone Geyser is. Fishing Cone Geyser was once a popular spot where early travelers would fish in the lake and promptly turn around and cook their catch in the boiling water of the geyser. Today this is illegal but Fishing Cone is still cool to see as it sets right in Yellowstone Lake's clear crisp water. A 1/4 mile inner loop and a 1/2 mile outer loop lead you through the entire basin past hotsprings, mudpots, and geysers. A picnic area at the geyser basin parking lot provides a great spot to sit and have lunch for hungry travelers. Don't forget to stop in the small Yellowstone Association bookstore located in the parking lot here at West Thumb Geyser Basin. Pick up a West Thumb Geyser Basin Trail Guide at any visitor center so you can read about all the different features and stops around the West Thumb Geyser Basin.

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