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LeHardy's Rapids

Allow approx. 20-30 min. for this about it below.

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LeHardy LeHardy Orientation Map

LeHardy's Rapids is a part of the Yellowstone River where the river bed drops a little bit, throwing the water against large rocks creating turbulent white water. This is also considered to be the geological boundary of Yellowstone Lake. There are two pullouts from which you can access the rapids, both will get you to the rapids via a short trail or boardwalk. The lower pullout also offers a small picnic area with two tables right along side the Yellowstone River. The river is pretty wide here and the rapids are most impressive in late spring to early summer when the snowmelt runoff is at its highest. If you are here in late June and July, you will likely see native Cutthroat Trout leaping into the air, working their way up the rapids during their spawning run.

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