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  • Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone

    As soon as you set eyes on the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, it will be obvious how the park got its name.
  • Hayden Valley

    Where large herds of bison roam wild and a favorite spot for wolf watchers.
  • Bison

    Photo by Bonny de la Cruz
  • Upper Falls

    The flowing water of the Yellowstone River pours 109 ft. over the brink of the Upper Falls before making a 90-degree turn towards the Lower Falls just downstream.
  • Mud Volcano Self-Guiding Trail

    Mud Volcano Trail leads you by eerie and mysterious looking thermal features that have names to match, like Dragon's Mouth Spring, Churning Caldron, Sour Lake and Black Dragon's Caldron.



Current Weather & Forecasts for the Canyon Region

     As soon as you set eyes on the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, it will be obvious how the park got its name. As one of the main attractions in the park, the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone holds two jaw-dropping waterfalls within its jagged yellow walls. Here, visitors take a leisurely drive on the North and South Rim Drives, parking at various spots along the way to see the canyon and waterfalls from several different lookout points and short trails.

     Half a day can easily be spent admiring the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone and all its glory but there are other things in the Canyon Region that will grab your attention and occupy your time just as much. One activity that will really put a western twist on your vacation is a guided trail ride on horseback from the canyon horse corral located less than a mile south of Canyon Village. The Mud Volcano Self-Guiding Trail  and Hayden Valley are another part of what make the Canyon Region so desirable for visitors. The Canyon Lodges and Cabins or the Canyon Campground  will make a great home base to get you anywhere in this region or in the park for that matter. Canyon Village is close to the center of the park which makes it an ideal place to begin each day to minimize driving time.

     The Yellowstone Adventure Outdoor Store and other shops in Canyon Village will make sure you stay stocked up on supplies for whatever adventure awaits, and you will surely get enough to eat at any of the several restaurants at the Canyon Lodge. Grizzly bears are common around this area during spring to mid summer but then become harder to see as the days get hotter when they move up to higher elevations. Hundreds of bison gather in this region during their mating season in August and show off their displays of dominance in front of visitors.


     What you will find in this region                                                 

Points of Interest:

Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, Upper Falls, Brink of the Upper Falls, Lower Falls, Sulpher Caldron,

Mud Volcano Self-Guiding Trail, North Rim Drive, South Rim Drive, Hayden Valley, Chittenden Road,

Canyon Visitor Education Center, Canyon Horse Corral  



Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone

Canyon Lodge Cabins 



Canyon Campground



Canyon Lodge Dining Room, Canyon Deli, Canyon Lodge Cafeteria


Picnic Areas:

Otter Creek Picnic Area



Canyon General Store, Yellowstone Adventure Outdoor Store, Gas Station, Post Office  


Nearest Town:

West Yellowstone, Montana - Located 40 miles from Canyon Village out of the West Entrance (lodging, restaurants, groceries, and activities are available in West Yellowstone, Montana).


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