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Bison on the Grand Loop Road - Yellowstone National Park

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     Yellowstone Weather & Forecasts                                                           


 Quick Tip:   The weather in Yellowstone can change rapidly.  Check back here regularly on the days leading up to your vacation and while you are in Yellowstone, to be aware of any changing conditions. 


Weather for areas inside Yellowstone National Park:

Old Faithful Area     Mammoth Hot Springs Area     Yellowstone Lake Area 

Tower/Roosevelt Area   Canyon Village Area       Grant Village Area


Weather for Yellowstone's Gateway Towns:

West Yellowstone, MT        Gardiner, MT       Cooke City, MT       Jackson, WY        

Cody, WY


Live Webcams:

Old Faithful Geyser      Mammoth Hot Springs      North Entrance     Mt. Washburn Fire Lookout  

West Entrance              North Entrance     


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     Entrance Fees & Important Phone Numbers                                                

Each entrance pass will give you a 7-day access to the park(s) it was purchased for. 


Yellowstone National Park entrance sign

Private non-commercial vehicle

$30 (Yellowstone only); $50 (Yellowstone & Grand Teton National Parks).

Motorcycle or snowmobile (snowmobile entry with a guide only)

$25 (Yellowstone only);  $40 (Yellowstone & Grand Teton National Parks).

Individuals entering by foot, bicycle, ski, etc.

$15 (Yellowstone only); $20 (Yellowstone & Grand Teton National Parks).

Annual PassesAn annual pass will be valid for 12 months after the day you purchase it.

$60 (Yellowstone Only);    $80 (All National Parks in the United States except for Mt. Rushmore)


Phone Numbers

• Yellowstone road & weather conditions, including entrance gate statuses: (307) 344-7381

•  Xanterra Parks & ResortsLodging, campground, activities & dinner reservations: (307) 344-7311

• General Stores: (307) 344-7702

• Mammoth Hot Springs Clinic: (307) 344-7965

• Wyoming Road Report: *511

• Montana Road Report: *511



     Elevations around Yellowstone                                                                    

Elevation in Yellowstone National Park

At higher elevations there is less oxygen in the air than there would be at low elevations or at sea level. Everyone's body reacts to higher elevation in different ways. Sometimes it could take a few days for your body to adjust to the thinner air, so it is recommended that you go at a slower pace than you normally would until you get used to the thinner air.

The roads in the park range in elevation from just over 5,000 feet to 8,859 ft. The highest road in Yellowstone is a section of road between Tower Junction and Canyon Village called Dunraven Pass. Dunraven Pass reaches its highest point of 8,859 feet near the trailhead for the Mt. Washburn hiking trail. Below is a list of park locations and the elevations of those locations.

• Canyon Village (Canyon Region): 7,980 ft. / 2,432 meters                                           

• Grant Village (Yellowstone Lake Region): 7,733 ft./ 2,357 meters

• Lake Village (Yellowstone Lake Region): 7,784 ft./ 2,373 meters

• Mammoth Village (Mammoth Hot Springs Region): 6,239 ft. / 1,902 meters

• Old Faithful Village (Old Faithful Region): 7,365 ft. / 2,254 meters

• Tower/Roosevelt Area (Tower/Roosevelt Region): 6,270 ft. / 1,911 meters



     Services In Yellowstone                                                                               


General Stores  

Mammoth Hot Springs General Store

     Yellowstone General Stores has a total of 12 stores conveniently located around the park in all major areas.  Most of the general stores are in historical park buildings with rich history of their own, like the general stores at Old Faithful, Yellowstone Lake, and Mammoth Hot Springs to name a few.  All Yellowstone General Stores offer a food and beverage service that can range from sit-down diners to snack shops that serve ice cream and hot dogs.


General Store Dates for the Summer 2017 Season

Mammoth General Store ( groceries):  Open year-round

Canyon General Store (sit-down diner & groceries): 5/12 - 10/8

Canyon Adventure Outdoor Store (groceries): 4/21- 11/5

Fishing Bridge General Store (sit-down diner & groceries): 5/5 - 10/15

Roosevelt General Store

Grant Village General Store (sit-down diner & groceries): 5/5 - 9/17

Grant Village Mini Store (groceries): 5/12 - 9/24

Lake Village General Store (sit-down diner & groceries): 5/19 - 9/24

Bridge Bay Mini Store (groceries): 5/19 - 9/3

Old Faithful Lower Store (sit-down diner & groceries): 5/5 - 9/24

Old Faithful Upper Store (groceries): 4/28 - 10/29

Tower Falls General Store (groceries): 5/19 - 9/17

Roosevelt Mini Store (groceries): 6/9 - 9/3


Yellowstone Park Service Stations (YPSS)

     There are seven Yellowstone Park Service Stations conveniently located around the park so you can keep your gas tank full during your vacation.  Five of these service stations offer vehicle repair, oil changes, and wrecker services.  All of the service stations around the park open and close seasonally except for the gas pumps at Mammoth Hot Springs and Tower Junction which stay on year-round. At the Mammoth Hot Springs and Tower Junction service stations you can also fill up in the  winter using a credit or debit card only.  When the service stations are open in the summer, they offer shelves of snacks and amenities, cold drinks for the thirsty traveler, and coffee to get you started in the morning.  For assistance at any of the Yellowstone Park Service Stations call (406)-848-7548.


Medical Clinics

Mammoth Hot Springs Clinic

     Hopefully you will never need to use this service, but there are three medical clinics in Yellowstone just in case.The Mammoth Hot Springs clinic is open year-round while the Old Faithful and Lake Village Clinics open and close seasonally.  In the event of an emergency, you should still dial 9-1-1.

To contact the Mammoth Hot Springs Clinic, call (307)-344-7965

To contact the Lake Village Clinic, call (307)-242-7241

To contact the Old Faithful Clinic, call (307)-344-7325


Post Offices

Mammoth Hot Springs Post Office

  Stay in touch with friends and family through one of the five post offices in Yellowstone.  Send postcards, or ship souvenirs and gifts so you don't have to hassle with carrying them home.  The Mammoth Hot Springs post office is open year-round and the post offices at Canyon Village, Old Faithful Village, Lake Village, and Grant Village open and close seasonally.





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